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No Borders AV Performance

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No Borders AV Performance
Existence has no borders. If there are no borders, the possibilities of exploration become multiple and infinite.

Starting to explore these infinite possibilities, we realize that borders are conventions and the main subject is the human, but man by his nature tends to infinity and the temptation to overcome these limits becomes an irresistible attraction.

Considering the limits in a static way, like walls where reason hits and stops, is itself the greatest limit, it should be considered as something dynamic, something that becomes propulsion to go beyond.

The multiple possibilities of exploration led us to the facade of the Farnesina with a big video mapping. On this occasion we had the opportunity to explore the borders from the spatial point of view from the particles that make up the universe to the finite human being and his infinite power to manipulate them

No limit is impossible to overcome, it would be enough the perceiving of being able to do it.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

Setup timing: 60 minutes
Soundcheck and video check timing: 60 minutes
Disassembly timing: 30’

Audio technical requests:
Audio system full range appropriate to the room
n°2 monitor audio full range
n°1 DI Box stereo o n°2 mono
n°2 cable TRS ¼” from sound card to DI Box
n°10 power sockets
n°1 Titan Stage height 1m (alternatively Pav or Fomet)
Channel list FOH: 2 mono channel L R or 1 channel stereo

Video technical requests
Projection screen 16:9
n°1 projector Full Hd 5000 Ansi Lumen
n°1 cable Hdmi on stage
n°5 electrical outlets
n°1 Titan Stage 2x1m height 1m (alternatively Pav or Fomet)

In case it is not possible to have the requested material on stage, please make it known to find an alternative solution.

What the artists brings

n°2 Laptop per video
n°1 Video Mixer
n°1 Leap Motion
n°1 Midi Controller

n°1 Laptop per audio
n°2 Sound Card
n°2 Synth
n°1 Drum machine
n°3 Controller midi
n°1 Sequencer

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  • No Borders AV - Excerpt

  • No Borders AV - doc

No Borders AV Performance

  • AV Performance
  • Live Cinema (Narrative)
  • Experimental Electronics


Italy Roma, Bologna, Bergamo, Hungary Budapest



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