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AV Audience Development #7 Rome

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AV Audience Development #7 Rome
For the forth consecutive year, the Live Cinema Festival hosts a conference dedicated to the theme of Audience Development where organizations and institutions of Rome are invited to describe and identify the best cultural strategies and policies to help professionals and artists To realize projects that are different in different forms of entertainment and to increase the audience, resources and locations available through the intervention of local institutions and sponsors.

The Live Cinema Festival for the second year will take place in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni and to strengthen the union between "institutional" cultural spaces and "unconventional" cultural programming, in particular DIGITALE, the 19th September meeting will focus on:
1) Possibilities, Potential, Problems and Good Practices of Use and Interaction between Places and Activities of Digital Culture
2) Report on the Audience Development Strategy of the AVnode project that the Live Cinema Festival is part of
3) Roman Network Programs on Digital
4) Rome Capital Program on Digital

Cristina Da Milano // Eccom - Culture Action Europe
Carla Schiavone // Roma Capitale Assessorato alla Crescita culturale
Claudio Guerrieri // Live Cinema Festival
Gianluca Del Gobbo // AVnode

The conference is held on September 19th at 5 pm at the Auditorium of Palazzo delle Esposizioni

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AV Audience Development #7 Rome

  • Lecture


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Live Cinema Festival 2018

Live Cinema Festival 2018

Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | 17:00 > 19:00
Palazzo delle Esposizioni | Auditorium | Roma, Italy